14 Apr 2017

Help Basic

Clip subtitles as lyrics

Youtube has ability to add external subtitles (closed captions) to clips. In context of audio listening those subtitles can be used as timestamped lyrics. But need to keep in mind that subtitles do not always contain lyrics of original song - they may also be a translation to other language. Check for example this clip. It has two subtitles: original English lyric and translation to Portuguese.

Component has its own lyric source for Lyric Show Panel 3 (foo_uie_lyric3 component) which provides clip subtitles as lyrics. To use it need to add Youtube Source lyric source to active sources list in Lyric Show Panel 3 panel preferences.

This lyrics source has its own properties window that can be accessed using Properties button below active lyrics sources list (Youtube Source should be in that list and be selected at this moment). Using properties window can be configured timeout values and which subtitles to load. Option All except Youtube ASR means download all subtitles except automatically generated by Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Lyric Show Panel 3 has the way to report lyrics quality. So subtitles that were found are always reported as having Medium quality. Except ASR, they are reported as having Bad quality.

Help Basic Clip subtitles as lyrics