14 Dec 2017

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  1. Limited features
  2. Custom Youtube API key

Limitations for Youtube

Component uses Youtube Data API for some of its features. This API has daily quota. Excess of quota would result in inaccessibility of API-dependent features for all users of the component (quota resets at midnight Pacific Time (PT)).

With that said, some features, that potentially may result in high quota usage, are limited or disabled unless custom Youtube API key is specified.

Limited features

Auto-updated feeds

If custom Youtube API key is not set, component retrieves feed content using RSS. This is legacy way to get content of the feed, and it is limited to 15 videos only. Thus update may result in a gap if feed was not updated for a long time.

Load feed... action

This action is placed in main menu File Youtube Source. The use of fy+search:// URL scheme is forbidden if custom Youtube API key is not set.

Lyrics source

Option Perform subtitles search for external sources is disabled if custom Youtube API key is not set.

Custom Youtube API key

You can use your own Youtube API key with the component. In this case it does not limit anything.

To enter API key, go to preferences Advanced Tools Youtube Source Network Youtube API key.

To obtain API key, follow instructions in this topic (steps 1-3). In step 2 (obtaining authorization credentials) follow instructions for API key creation. When selecting API key type, select Browser key type.

Help Extended Limitations for Youtube