14 Apr 2017

Help Basic

Make album

This topic is about feature that can be accessed using playlist context menu Youtube Source Make album.

This functional is intended for the cases when the clip contains whole album. Using info from MusicBrainz it is possible to split the clip to album tracks (similar to cuesheets).

In simple case press Search » select album » press Finish. If press Next then also can be edited generated cuesheet which will be used for this album.

Albums list has additional columns (right click on the list header). In this list can be selected only one release. If it is multi-disk release then can be selected multiple disks within it. This need when one video represented by multi-disk release (example for this video).

In tracks list can be edited title and offset of each track. Editing track offsets here in some cases can be much more convenient than manual cuesheet editing (example).

Requirements and limitations. To make it work, %cuesheet% tag field should not be marked as spam in LargeFieldsConfig.txt file from foobar settings directory. Field size limit should be large enough to keep the cuesheet. Component will show appropriate warnings if this is not so. Original playlist item should be kept anywhere in the playlists or you will get error "Unsupported format or corrupted file" at playback start. Clip should be seekable or you will get error "Object is not seekable" at playback start.

Users often place tracks list in Youtube clip description (even with time offsets), this is very useful at selecting appropriate release, so it is also recommended to increase infoMax value from LargeFieldsConfig.txt because description stores in tech info fields and component cuts description to not overflow this limit (clipped description appends with '(...)').

Source media file at switching between album tracks will be reused for audio and for video (if you due playback didn't change quality settings through preferences or for video - in Source group of video window context menu). If video is disabled, you even will have gapless playback between album tracks.

Help Basic Make album