14 Apr 2017

Help Extended

Playlist item for feed

When you add feed to the playlist or use Search (Integrated) UI element, you may see additional item added to the end of playlist and containing get more text. This is special playlist item that represents next portion of the feed. During to the play of this item it will fetch that portion, place it next to itself and finally remove itself from the playlist.

Feed items can be used independently. They are regular playlist items just with special path. Rule of path generation is next:

querysearch query in form of percent-encoded UTF-8
duration0 (any, default) / 1 (< 4 min) / 2 (4-20 min) / 3 (> 20 min)
order0 (relevance, default) / 1 (published) / 2 (view count) / 3 (rating)
hd0 (search all, default) / 1 (search only HD videos)
cc0 (search all, default) / 1 (search only videos with subtitles (Closed Captions))
uploaded(v1.5+) 0 (today) / 1 (this week) / 2 (this month) / 3 (all time, default)
addgetmore0 (do not add '...get more' item) / 1 (add it, default)
maxresultsitems per page (1-50)



This URL can be used via standard ways e.g. can be added using menu File Add location...

Help Extended Playlist item for feed