14 Apr 2017

Help Basic

  1. Two ways to search
  2. Search (Integrated) UIE
  3. Search popup window
  4. Search filters
  5. Feed types
  6. Search context menu
  7. Search replacement

Search and feeds

There are two way to perform search on Youtube: using search popup window (menu View Youtube Search) and using Search (Integrated) UI element.

In both cases it is possible to not only perform search, but also retrieve feeds (e.g. Youtube playlists). Though filters are not applied in this case.

Search results and feed content is retrieved by portions. Portion size is configurable (options Search portion and Feed portion in Features Miscellaneous).

Search autocompletion can be turned off using option Enable search autocomplete (Features Miscellaneous).

Search (Integrated) UIE

In case of UI element search results are sent directly to foobar2000 playlist. During the search playlist is locked. In addition to search results playlist is appended with '...get more' item for next search portion (if there are more items to retrieve).

When this '...get more' item is selected to play, it becomes replaced by next portion of search results. If it was selected to play explicitly (e.g. by double click on it) playback will be stopped. If item was played during regular playback work flow (for example previous track has been ended and it was selected to play next) next portion of search results will be placed to playlist and playback will continue from first item of that portion.

To retrieve next portion without playback interruption one can use playlist context menu. When invoked for this '...get more' item, it will have an enabled item Expand '...get more' in Youtube Source popup menu.

Search popup window

Unlike integrated search this window maintains its own list of search results. This list does not relate to playlists - need to add items to playlist manually. On the other hand it is possible to select only specific items. And it provides a bit more flexibility of how items are sent to playlist (see context menu of the list).

List of the clips has several columns. Column visibility can be toggled using context menu of list header. All properties are exposed as site-specific metadata so you can read their description there.

Search filters

Search has several filters listed in the table below.

HDcheckedMaximum available video resolution should be at least 720p
unchecked(Default) Video may have any resolution
SubtitlescheckedClip should have external subtitles. Note, this filter does not relate to subtitles that are part of video image
unchecked(Default) Search for any clips no matter have they subtitles or not
Durationany(Default) Accept any clip duration
< 4 minutesClip should be shorter than 4 minutes
4-20 minutesClip should have at least 4 minutes and not more than 20 minutes duration
> 20 minutesClip should be longer that 20 minutes. Note, these duration values come from Search API i.e. this is not what the program decided by itself
Order byrelevance(Default) Sort by relevance to the search query. More relevant clips come first
publishedSort by publish date. Recently published clips come first
view countSort by view count. Clips with more views come first
ratingSort by user rating. Clips with higher rating come first
UploadedtodayGet only clips uploaded last 24 hours
this weekGet only clips uploaded last 7 days
this monthGet only clips uploaded last 30 days
all time(Default) No limit for upload time

In addition to these filters search menu contains options to change behavior of search in general:

position as %tracknumber%Expose index in the list as %tracknumber% meta field
initial focus to search box
(search popup window only)
Always set initial focus to search box when the window appears on the screen. Otherwise focus is restored on the control that had it last time the window was visible
destination playlist
(integrated search UIE only)
Setup playlist to where search results will be appended. By default they go to active playlist

Feed types

There are supported Youtube playlists, channels and user uploads. When speaking about all of them used common word feed.

Dailymotion in addition to the same types of feeds has contests and groups feed types.

Retrieved clips are sorted by date - last uploaded videos come first.

In general case there should be no problem with feed URL recognition. However if you have some problem, below are listed canonical URLs for the feeds so you can edit your URL accordingly.

Feed typeCanonical URL form
Used uploadshttps://www.youtube.com/user/username

In case of playlists Youtube almost everywhere adds also URL of one of the clips to resulting link. In this case, if you are trying to use this URL in URL edit box of main window, there will be performed current task on the clip URL instead of displaying this Feeds window.

In such cases try to find on the site some link like View full playlist, or use Feeds window explicitly, or modify link manually before add. For example this link:


have to be modified like this:


Search context menu

Playlist context menu has Youtube Source popup menu, which has bunch of 'Search ...' items (e.g. 'Search artists songs'). These are the subject of this topic.

The idea is to construct search query basing on playlist item metadata and search for that on Youtube. And original track does not have to be an Youtube clip, it can be any local song file or currently playing song from radio station etc.

Search items are enabled only when there is selected single playlist item. Particular search item is enabled only if evaluated search query for this item is not empty.

Existing search items can be configured, as well as new ones can be added, using component preferences Search tab.

Search replacement

That feature is originally intended for the cases when you have clip which is not available any more (due to account termination or any other reason). This command replaces the clip with '...get more' item. This item is configured to search for replacement on Youtube and use first search result.

This functionality is placed in Youtube Source popup menu of playlist context menu. There are available two variants of the search: auto and manual.

Search query for auto variant is generated using titleformatting. Rule for it can be configured using option Search replacement pattern in Features Miscellaneous.

Manual variant does the same but before replacement there will appear dialog box where search query can be edited.

Regular (i.e. non-Youtube) playlist items can be replaced too.

Help Basic Search and feeds