14 Apr 2017

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Search query

Search on Youtube is case insensitive. By default it is performed in all video metadata i.e. not only title but also in description, user names, keywords etc.

Search supports several rules to customize search query. They are listed in the table below with example of every rule and brief description. Note search results count for every rule.

Search queryResultsDescription
wacken829844Search clip containing word Wacken (case-insensitive) in any place (title, description etc.)
wacken -2016541051Hyphen before a word excludes clips containing this word from the search results. So this search query means "search clips containing word wacken and not containing word 2016". Note the decrease of results count when compared to previous example
wacken 2016188854Search clips containing both words in any order. So from 800k+ results from first example it picks up only those containing word 2016.
But of course search engine works in more complex way than just trivial words match. These rules describe just common search strategy. Otherwise sum of results from this and previous examples would be equal to search results count from the first example (or at least similar due to caching) but there are ~100k difference
"wacken 2016"71828Search for exact phrase. So for example "Wacken Open Air 2016" will be omitted.
Note that phrase should be wrapped by double quotes. If you wrap it for example by single quotes, they will be ignored by the search engine.
Also note, when searching by exact phrase, word separators do not matter. For example, search query "one two three" will also match "one, two, three" and "one-two-three"
INTITLE:wacken 201622075Keyword INTITLE: instructs search engine to perform search only in the clip title. Note, "2016" is searched in any place, not only title
INTITLE:wacken INTITLE:20164613To force search engine to search all words in title, each word should be prepended by INTITLE:
INTITLE:"wacken 2016"1072To search an exact phrase in title wrap it by double quotes and then prepend by INTITLE:
wacken -INTITLE:2016801359A bit exotic but still possible variant. To exclude something only from title, hyphen should be added before INTITLE: keyword. Note a bit less results than in first example but much more results than in second example since here word 2016 is excluded only from title but allowed in other places
wacken|20161M+Search word Wacken OR word 2016

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