11 Jun 2018

Help Basic


This info is relevant only for component version 2.0 and above.

Component exposes next metadata fields for the tracks made by it:

%fy_title%Original title of the clip on the site
%fy_description%Clip description on the site
%fy_uploader%The title of the channel to which belongs the video. In most cases this is display name of the user but not always: channels on Youtube may not be associated with a user. Also in case of Youtube this is a display name of the channel. I.e. it does not have to be unique so different channels can have the same display name
%fy_channel_url%URL of the channel containing this video. Unlike %fy_uploader%, this URL is unique for each channel
%fy_thumbnail_url%URL to the clip thumbnail image
%fy_rating%Average rating given by the users, from 1 to 5, where 5 is the best
%fy_view_count%The number of times that the video has been viewed
%fy_published_at%Upload date in format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. In some cases only date is known. This filed can be used with functions $year, $month, $day_of_month, $date, $time
%fy_like_count%, %fy_dislike_count%The number of people who liked/disliked the video
%fy_like_ratio%Ratio of likes to dislikes filtered to prevent unfair values. Filter is quite simple but could be more effective than plain ratio:
IF dislikes > 10 OR likes > 100 THEN ratio = MIN(likes/dislikes, 999)

By foobar2000 design, these fields should be accessible instantly. File system, which is main storage for these fields, cannot be used in this case. So as intermediate storage is used a storage associated with the tracks (tech info fields). This approach brings limitation for the length of these fields. Default limit for tech info fields is 200 bytes. Any text that exceeds this limit is truncated. You can increase this limit by editing infoMax field in LargeFieldsConfig.txt file which is located in foobar2000 application data folder.

Component also provides few fields that are not bound to specific tracks and contain video-related information:

%video_playback_state%State of the video playback ('Stopped', 'Opening...' etc.)
%video_file_stats%Media description of the file used in video playback
%video_popup_status%Status of the video popup window ('visible' or 'hidden')

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