This component adds possibility to play Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion clips directly by their URL.

In addition to single clip URLs it supports clip feeds (i.e. playlists, channels etc.) from Youtube and Dailymotion.

Single clips and feeds can be added using File menu commands Add location and Add multiple URL(s).

Component has several UI elements, both DUI and CUI are supported. There are element for searching on Youtube within the program, for video playback and elements for various technical info about clips and component work flow. All elements are listed under Youtube Source group in UI configuration windows.

In addition to UI elements it has several popup windows with similar functionality.

For Lyric Show Panel 3 it provides additional lyric source.

Clip thumbnails are exposed as album art to the program.

Single clip can be turned into album with multiple tracks.

Component settings are placed in Preferences Tools Youtube Source. Additionally advanced settings are placed in Preferences Advanced Tools Youtube Source.