Error "Untrusted root certificate" or "Network authentication error" when adding Youtube URLs

When one adds URL using Add location... or Add multiple URLs..., foobar2000 at first accesses this URL by itself (e.g. to determine content type and find appropriate decoder for it). "Untrusted root certificate" error occurs at this stage, so component does not get this URL at all (and thus for example there are no info in component log). Actually, one can uninstall component, try to add Youtube URL and this error will occur anyway.

Solution: install foobar2000 1.3.18 or foobar2000 1.4 or above

Possible workarounds:

Error "Unable to open item for playback (Object is not seekable)"

This error can happen if check box Preferences Advanced Networking Allow seeking over HTTP is unchecked and foobar2000 was chosen as audio decoder. Either check this check box or choose other decoder in component preferences Decoding Audio Decoder.

Any other error starting with "Unable to open item for playback..."

At first you need to check whether component finds streams on the page. Go to menu View Youtube Source Analysis Cache and check if streams are listed there after opening a video.

If streams are there then problem can be related to file format selected for playback. Reset settings in component preferences Decoder tab (click Reset page button there) and try to open the video again.

If streams are not listed in Analysis Cache then open video URL in a browser in incognito mode - maybe it was removed from Youtube due some reason or access to it is restricted.

If everything is ok in a browser, then check component log (in foobar2000 console window). If there is no helpful info, you can report problematic URL using menu Help Youtube Source Report a problem.

Error "Decoding failure at X:XX.XXX (Connection error)"

This error could happen due to unstable connection. If foobar2000 is used as decoder, you can increase reconnection delay using preferences Advanced Networking Keep reconnecting dropped connections.

For foo_youtube and ffmpeg decoders the same option is available in component preferences Network Maximum reconnection delay.

If program crashes because of this component

You can help fixing this problem by sending crash dump files, generated by foobar2000.

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