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UI elements

Component exposes four UI elements. Three of them are listed under Youtube Source group (Activity, Analysis Cache and Search (Integrated)) and one is placed under Playback Visualization group (Video).

UI element Search (Integrated) is described in Search topic.

UI element Video is described in Video topic.

Analysis cache

Component caches info about all media files that were found during the analysis of recently opened videos. Opening time for videos whose analysis results are in cache is much smaller.

Number of tracks to keep in cache can be configured using component preferences Decoder Maximum number of tracks in analysis cache.

Analysis results become obsolete with time so eventually they cannot be used to open a video. Therefore component controls cache lifetime. It can be configured using option Decoder Analysis cache expiration time (what is merely a hack rather than solution, but this is still better than nothing).

Analysis cache can be explored using UI element of the same name and window in menu View Youtube Source.

This UI consists of tree control containing all tracks stored in analysis cache. Child nodes of track elements in the tree represent all streams found during the analysis. Using tree context menu one can filter what streams to display.

Context menu item Properties composes a report containing full list of properties known for selected stream. These properties are used when selecting stream via media criteria.


This one is available only via UI element. It visualizes connections currently opened within the component.

Most detailed visualization have connections made directly by the component. It includes indication of already downloaded data, opened connections (there can be more than one for single file), readers for this file (multiple readers can read single file at the same time) and overall download speed.

Connections made by other data providers (foobar2000, ffmpeg, LAV Filters) have less info or not displayed there at all.

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